A camel mare is our “employee of the month”! This choice isn’t surprising because camels secure over 5000 farmers’ livelihoods in drought-affected areas.

Specific plants and animals can be used to significantly improve the living conditions of people in Africa – and help the environment in the process. This is why Biovision encourages developing and applying natural solutions.

But that’s not all. Successful self-help depends heavily on committed members: We rely on local project partners as well as small farmers who seize these opportunities.

And most importantly, we need people in Switzerland who support our work - like YOU!

Become an employee of the month by supporting our work financially.

With the "Employee of the Month" campaign, we hope to raise 700,000 Swiss francs for projects that improve people’s livelihoods in East Africa in sustainable and environmentally-friendly ways for the long term.

Every donation counts!