Donations to mark a special occasion

Are you about to celebrate a birthday, wedding, anniversary or something in your personal or business life?

With an “Event Donation”, you can collect donations instead of presents. Such positive action will help us spread information on ecological agriculture to smallholders in East Africa.

There are 3 ways of making an Event Donation:

  1. Collect the donations, e.g. in a collection box and then transfer the total amount to the following account: PC-Account 87-193093-4. When transferring the sum, please identify your payment with an appropriate reference, e.g. “Birthday followed by your surname and forename”. We can then thank you properly. Tip: Tell your friends and family about the campaign early on, e.g. using your social media contacts or sending a written invitation.

  2. Transfer the total amount and let us have a list of those who have contributed, including addresses and amount of each donation. We can then thank your guests for their donation.

  3. Distribute paying-in slips to your guests so that they can transfer their donation to Biovision direct. We will then thank your guests for their donation. It is important that everyone uses the same reference, e.g. “Birthday followed by your surname and forename”. This allows us to allocate the donations to your campaign. A few weeks later we will send you a list of who has contributed.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or want more information, for example if you want a project description, annual report or a small present (e.g. Post-it notepad) to mark the occasion.

Many thanks for supporting our commitment to a world without hunger and poverty.

Selection of documents for your event