Donation Information

Alongside our promise that your donation will be carefully and conscientiously used, we guarantee these additional quality features:

Biovision is reliable:

  • ZEWO-certified: the Biovision Foundation is ZEWO certified and recognised as a non-profit organisation. The ZEWO seal of approval is your guarantee that your donation will be conscientiously used.
  • Data Protection: Data Protection is important to us. Your address is internally administrated and never passed on to other organisations.
  • Transparency: Biovision is transparent. Read our Annual Report online. For futher questions on our finances, we invite you to contact us.
  • Fast and cost effective by e-mail: When you give your e-mail address to us, we are grateful to receive your donation electronically, no matter the amount. We will also gladly send you up-to-date information on Biovision by e-mail. This service to you is of practically no cost to us.
  • Your donation confirmation: The yearly donation confirmation (from CHF 30.00) is sent automatically by post in February. Donations of CHF 500.00 and above are personally acknowledged by post. If you would not like to receive a personal thank-you letter, please let us know in writing or by telephone: 044 512 58 58 / e-mail: infobiovisionch. Please record your contact with us.
  • Fighting the flood of unwanted E-Mails: If you would like to receive only one yearly mailing, or would like to support BioVision without receiving the newsletter, please do not hesitate to let us know. We take your special requests seriously.
  • Change of name or address: We are grateful if you let us know of any changes to your name and address, in writing or by telephone, so that we can continue to inform you about our projects.
  • Tax Exempt Donations: Donations to BioVision can be tax deductable. For informations of your canton’s decree: Tax Exemption.

Biovision thinks and acts ecologically:

  • We use environmentally friendly paper: The paper we use is FSC quality: for brochures we use Cyclus Print Recycling, manufactured from 100% uncoloured recycled paper, or Startext, FSC quality with 30% of fibres from forests used in an environmentally friendly and socially responsible way. For letters we use Drewsen OCR, FSC-quality with 50% of fibres from forests used in an environmentally friendly and socially responsible way.
  • We use eco-electricity: We get our electricity from solar- and water-powered facilities (ewz.ökopower). Solar power makes up at least 2.5% of supply. Through our choice of ewz.ökopower we promote renewal and construction of water power works according to the highest ecological criteria.
  • We use Mobility CarSharing: The provision of services from the leading provider of CarSharing is based upon economical, technological and ecological efficiency. This way of getting about is sustainable thanks to combined mobility. Biovision uses this service to transport people and material and for other connected causes. For simple transport Biovision workers also use the firm’s own bicycle.