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Membership enables you to support Biovision’s project work on a regular basis and thereby bring about a long-term improvement in the quality of life of the population of Africa. We share ecological, scientifically verified knowledge and provide help for self-help.

Your Biovision membership gives you the following advantages:

  • Invitations to special Biovision member events
  • Regular information about Biovision’s work in East Africa and Switzerland
  • Discount of 25 francs on purchases of 150 francs or more at Terra Verde Bio-Gourmet
  • A membership gift of your choice – you can choose between various books about sustainability and a Biovision pocket knife from Victorinox
  • A donation certificate for the tax authorities

With a minimum annual contribution of 75 francs, you can help ensure the success of our projects in the long term.

Online registration

The term “member” is not used in the sense of association law, but to designate the benefactors of our foundation.

Please note that only persons resident in Switzerland can become members.

Online registration

Online registration