4 wins

"Initially, things were horrendous"

Belete Kibre: β€œIt was more than 20 years ago that many living in the drought-stricken areas of Ethiopia responded to government calls to move to the fertile lowlands. However, conditions in our new home were very hard. First of all, the cattle died from sleeping sickness and without the oxen, the ploughs stood idle. Sources of food dried up. Then, many young children died of malaria. It was horrendous.
In 2006, Biovision, in cooperation with icipe, started four projects and since
then life in Tolay has improved ”

Routes out of poverty

  • Project 1: Push-Pull. Push-Pull is a biological method that controls pests and weeds in maize and millet and also improves soil quality. More...
  • Project 2: Bees and honey. In rural Africa, beekeeping and honey production are attractive and eco-friendly sources of income. More...
  • Project 3: Stop malaria. The fewer the mosquitoes, the lower the incidence of malaria; a combination of environmentally-friendly measures has proved very effective. More...
  • Project 4: Stop cattle deaths. Tsetse flies transmit the pathogen that
    causes sleeping sickness. As part of the Biovision project Stop Tsetse Flies, the flies are attracted to odour and coloured traps and then eliminated. More...

Our key to success – Wins at 4 levels

The results of scientific research have for the first time proved the success of the holistic approach adopted by Biovision. The use of a diverse range of measures designed to improve human, animal, plant and environmental health is mutually beneficial. As a result of this synergistic effect, farming families have increased net incomes per head by 326 %. Healthy animals produce more milk and meat and are also available for ploughing. This means that farmers can cultivate more land than they could by hand. If Push-Pull is then added to the equation, farmers can produce more food for both humans and animals.

Thanks to these four projects, the lives of people in Tolay have improved significantly. Today, malaria, sleeping sickness and the maize pests are all under control. Harvests have improved and people are earning a good income from honey sales.

The aim of this Biovision campaign is to collect a total of 700 000 Swiss Francs for projects to improve the quality of life of farming families in East Africa. Together we can achieve a great deal. Each and every donation counts!

Many thanks for your support.