Donate to a Biovision core project!

A meaningful gift for every occasion: 
Find out more about our gift certificate. You can fill it in and print it yourself!

Are you looking for the right gift to bring to a birthday or anniversary celebration? A present that supports people in Africa could be just the thing. Find out about our gift certificates that you can fill in and print yourself. 


You can choose between the following certificates:

“Forest School” Certificate

“Camel” Certificate

“Beehive” Certificate




You decide how much you want to donate and enter this sum on your selected gift certificate. Below are examples of what your donation could provide:

  • 45.- CHF buys 1 beehive
  • 60.- CHF funds specialist training for 2 women in how to make yoghurt from camel milk
  • 200.- CHF funds training in environmental protection and organic farming for 10 female farmers

You can use one of the following methods to pay your donation:

Online payment via credit card

Online transfer from your account

Payment slip (please order)

When making your payment please remember to quote the reference “beehive”, “camel” or “forest school”, so that we can ensure that your donation goes to the right project. Print out the certificate and give it to your nearest and dearest! Your donation will be spent on the following Biovision projects:

Biovision Project in Mpigi, Uganda: “Forest school in Mpigi” (>>more)
Biovision Project in Siraro and Arsi Negele, Ethiopia: “Food security in rural Ethiopia” (>>more)
Biovision Project in Isiolo, Kenya: “Camels for drought areas” (>>more)

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Hier finden Sie Details zu den drei Herzensprojekten von Biovision:

  • «Klima», Biovision-Projekt (>>mehr)
  • «Kamele für Dürregebiete», Biovision-Projekt in Isiolo, Kenia: (>>mehr)
  • «Bienenkasten», Biovision-Projekt in Siraro und Arsi Negele, Äthiopien (>>mehr)