Give the gift of a Biovision core project!

A meaningful gift for every occasion!

Are you looking for a suitable gift that will help people in Africa? You’ve come to the right place. You can choose the project and the donation amount for the gift certificate yourself.

The following project certificates are available as gifts:

“Climate” certificate

“Camel” certificate

“Beehive” certificate


Please send us the desired amount via your chosen payment method. We will print out the gift certificates and send them to you by post.



We would be happy to give you an idea of what you can achieve with your contribution:

  • With CHF 45, you can donate one beehive, for example
  • With CHF 60, you can finance specialised training in the processing of camel milk into yoghurt for two women, for instance
  • With CHF 80, you can make a significant contribution to the “Agroecology to Tackle Climate Change” project

Donate the amount of your choice now using one of the payment options listed below:

Online payment by credit card

E-banking transfer

Payment slip (order)

Order info: We will gladly send the gift certificate with the amount and the name of the beneficiary to your address so that you can pass it on.


Order gift certificate


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If you would like a gift certificate that has not been filled in or if the certificate is to be sent to a different delivery address, please let us know in this message box.


You can find details of Biovision’s three core projects here:

  • “Agroecology to Tackle Climate Change”, Biovision project (>>more)
  • “Camels for Drought Areas”, Biovision project in Isiolo, Kenya: (>>more)
  • “Bees for Young Entrepreneurs”, Biovision project in Siraro and Arsi Negele, Ethiopia (>>more)