“20 years of real help”

For 20 years, Biovision has been a pioneer of change: Soon after its formation in 1998, its work with small-scale farmers in Kenya started to produce results and improve food security. Sustainability, self-determination and action based on solidarity were and still are the main drivers in the fight against poverty and hunger – the main priorities of Biovision. In the last 20 years, Biovision has given hundreds of thousands of people in East Africa the chance to improve their lives and simultaneously protect the environment. 
At the same time, the work of Biovision at the global and political level has given a greater voice to the concerns of communities in developing regions. As a result of its unwavering commitment, Biovision has become a respected, innovative player and as an independent foundation, it is working in developing regions, in the political arena and in Switzerland to improve the quality of life for all.

Biovision Foundation strengthens women

Women play an important role in agriculture and food security. They cultivate their own kitchen garden, are active in farmer groups, further educate themselves and sometimes even build their own business. But in many places the pressure of working the fields lies on the shoulders of women and girls alone. But they are not allowed to discuss and decide issues and they often live in precarious conditions. That’s why women and youths are a special target group for our projects, with sustainable and positive effects for the community.

An equal participation of genders in development processes are crucial for Biovision Foundation. The gender-specific needs, capabilities and possibilities are being considered and realised in all Biovision projects. Themes such as the impact of population growth on health, the position of women and the pollution of our environment are decisive for a long-term success of sustainable concepts and are being approached in this context.

Projects for the support of women

Biovision’s project „Diversity from Field to Fork“, supports the cultivation of traditional vegetables and thus contributes to a more balanced diet in Kenya. Most of the beneficiaries are women.

In Uganda, the Biovision project „Promoting Women through Agriculture”, strengthens the self-confidence and the social position of women and girls.

20 years Biovision: reflections

20 years Biovision highlights

During our Jubilee Year 2018, we shall look back at the achievements and highlights of the past 20 years with a series of surprising, moving and remarkable stories.