Focus on Women

Biovision strengthen women

Women play a crucial role in agriculture and thus in food security. They cultivate their own kitchen gardens, are active members of farmers' groups, continue their education and build up their own businesses. In many places, however, the burden of field work often rests solely on the shoulders of women and girls. Nevertheless, they are usually denied the right to have a say or co-determination, and they often live in precarious circumstances. This is why women and young people are a special target group in our projects: if they are supported, this has positive effects for the whole community.

Equal participation of the sexes in development processes is imperative for Biovision. Gender-specific needs, abilities and opportunities are taken into account in all Biovision projects. Specific issues such as the influence of population growth on health and environmental pollution are crucial to the long-term success of sustainable projects.

Project for the advancement of women

With the project "Local seed increases biodiversity" Biovision promotes the cultivation of traditional vegetable varieties and thus contributes to a balanced diet in Kenya. A large proportion of the project beneficiaries are women. 

These are women who seized the opportunity to gain knowledge through Biovision or local partner organisations, so that they could feed themselves and their families in a healthy way. But there are also stories of women who have made a name for themselves in science or in organisational management.