Ueli Würmli

Core area: Marketing and Fundraising
Member of the Executive Committee

"I like the integrated approach adopted by Biovision and enjoy the daily challenge of communicating this holistic method transparently to partners, donors and members and procuring funds for our projects."

Ueli Würmli spent his childhood in the hills above Zurich and spent his early career working in a bank in the city. On completion of a range of marketing courses he decided to integrate his interest in the natural world and the environment into his professional life. He joined WWF Switzerland where he was able to make full use of his creative skills in fundraising for the benefit of nature conservation and environmental projects. The high point of his nine years with WWF as a fundraiser was a trip to Madagascar; this brought him into contact with African culture for the first time.

Ueli then returned to Lake Zurich to work for Phonak where he gained experience in launching products internationally for those with a hearing loss. Following this foray in the medical technology sector, Ueli returned to the world of NGOs and is now Head of Communication and Fundraising for Biovision.

Ueli’s great passion is travel. His many world trips have included a journey on the Trans-Siberian railway from Switzerland to Hong Kong and backpacking with his wife through many countries in South East Asia. Later he often guided his family – he has a grown-up daughter and son - through the wide open spaces of Scandinavia.

Anyone with a mainly sedentary job needs some form of physical outlet and for Ueli, ice hockey has fitted the bill since childhood. In addition, he plays in mixed volleyball and badminton teams and on fine summer evenings he is often to be found out on his bike.


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