Susanne Geiser


I derive great satisfaction from working for an organisation that prioritises support for people in Africa rather than profit. It is, therefore, a great pleasure to work for Biovision”.

Susanne has been working in the Administration Department at Biovision since 2017. Her responsibilities include operating the switchboard, welcoming visitors and managing the database. She also shares responsibility for answering queries and the triage system, which ensures that information is passed to the appropriate member of staff. To which must be added the thousands of minor tasks that are so important to the efficient running of the secretariat. She particularly enjoys the diversity of her role and the contact with people.

In 1981, Susanne Geiser completed a three-year course at the Fribourg business school where she really discovered her love of the French language. After that she worked for an insurance company before spending six months in Cambridge improving her English. This was followed by positions in various sectors but always as a P.A or in administrative and secretarial roles. Whilst working, she also qualified as a management assistant. That chosen path continues to be the right one for Susanne and she values being able to use her knowledge of French on a daily basis.

In her leisure time, Susanne enjoys musicals, the theatre and concerts. Being with friends is important. She also enjoys reading and always has a book handy on her bedside table.


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