Stefan Diener

Core areas: Programme Officer

«What convinced me was the direct way that Biovision translates academic knowledge into practice. In the Kenyan research institute icipe, Biovision has found a professional partner who develops methods adapted to the local context that can then be applied unchanged»

Even during his biology degree at ETH Zurich, Stefan Diener focussed on entomology; it was no surprise, therefore that he chose wild bees for his dissertation and that insects featured strongly in his doctorate during which he studied the conversion of organic waste by fly larvae. This topic also dominated Stefan’s research at the Department of Sanitation in developing countries at Eaawag, the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology in Dübendorf, where he worked for more than 10 years. His work at Eawag also covered many other delightful topics such as grey water, faecal sludge and biogas that took him to many different countries in the world such as Indonesia, China, Costa Rica, Senegal, Uganda and Tanzania. 

At Biovision, Stefan is primarily responsible for projects involving the Push-Pull method that uses simple tricks to repel pests and supresses parasitising weeds and so significantly improves farming yields.

Sport plays a major role in Stefan’s life: for example as a member of the Toggenburg concert choir, he races up and down the musical scale and during board games he challenges his opponents to epic, intellectual battles. In the kitchen, he seeks culinary heights although sometimes he is little more relaxed and simply goes for a walk. 


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