Sandra Giger

Core areas: Finance and Accounts

“Helping other help themselves”, an approach that contributes towards a livable future for people in East Africa. With its projects, Biovision has taken a step in the right direction.

Sandra has travelled widely. For 11 years, she lived in Goa in Southern India where she built up a guesthouse and restaurant. “Although I found the location absolutely fascinating and learned much during my stay I decided to return to my family and friends in Switzerland”. In 2013, Sandra travelled to Senegal to help with the development of a cultural organization. Africa made a deep impression on Sandra and she was moved and fascinated by the close affinity of the people with nature and its expression in music and dance. At the same time, the visible evidence of large numbers of people living in poverty and the lack of work for them made her realize that she wanted to help in some way. This made Biovision a perfect home for Sandra: since autumn 2013 she has energetically supported the work of the Accounts Department. What you may not notice immediately about Sandra is that she has a passion for figures: financial accounting, reporting and auditing – as a fan of figures Sandra enjoys analyzing large data sets and converting them into a form that we can all understand. If all those figures eventually make her head spin, Sandra recharges the batteries doing yoga and outdoor activities. Whenever possible, she spends time in the great outdoors or tending her small vegetable garden.


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