Sabine Lerch

Head of Programme Switzerland | Programme Manager Beacons of Switzerland
Member of the Executive Committee

“Biovision disseminates knowledge and so promotes sustainable actions – in Africa, in Switzerland and on the political stage. I like this holistic approach…”

The environment has fascinated Sabine Lerch from an early age. As a child, it was the exciting trips to streams and ponds, the campaigns to rescue frogs or getting up early to go bird watching. Later, whilst studying biology, she discovered the relationships between different ecosystems and how they were interdependent.

After graduating, Sabine worked in environmental education, including a period for the HALLO BIBER! campaign of Pro Natura and at the Neeracherried Visitor Centre run by BirdLife Switzerland. Until June 2019, Sabine was responsible at Biovision for raising awareness of sustainable consumption, and until the end of 2020 she was project manager of "Sounding Soil". Whilst there, she learned the value of disseminating knowledge to others and the importance of a sustainable future.

Sabine has been in charge of the "Program Switzerland" team since July 2019 and is responsible for "Beacons of Switzerland" as project manager. In this role, she is able to combine her experience of environmental education with her interest in the impact of our behaviour on the environment.

Her enthusiasm for the natural world is equally evident in her private life. Sabine is a member of the management board of Pro Natura Baselland and still enjoys early morning bird watching, preferably in some wild corner of Europe. In addition she is a committed lifeguard.


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