Martin Grossenbacher

Information officer

“Forest dieback, Chernobyl, the Cold War, drought and hunger in Africa were a few of the (negative) impressions I had of the adult world, which influenced me when I was growing up. My feelings at the time were summed by a piece of graffiti that I passed on my way to college:  “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children“. It is saying that continues to motivate me and underpins my commitment. For the past 20 years, Biovision has been doing great work to bring about a healthier world without hunger and poverty. I am lucky that I can make a small contribution to that effort, working with a fantastic team”.

His commitment to sustainable development, justice and solidarity is a common thread in Martin’s C.V. He acquired his in-depth communication and campaigning experience in a series of roles, including trade-union secretary, in the secretariat of the Social Democratic Party of Switzerland where he was responsible for online content and campaigns and as Head of Marketing and PR at the Swiss Red Cross. Following a commercial apprenticeship, Martin returned to education and passed his Matura exams specialising in economics before turning his passion for communication into his profession. He continued to study alongside his work commitments and qualified as a web publisher, a PR specialist and finally successfully completed the SAWI/IAA course for communication managers.

Martin loves being outdoors: sailing, biking, walking in the mountains or enjoying a leisurely stroll. As an antidote to his sometimes hectic and noisy daily life, he relaxes by meditating or dancing.

Martin is working as an information officer and is contributing to make Biovision better known to the Swiss people and gain support for its objectives.


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