Marilena Schumann

Sounding Soil

Studying geology in Bonn and Bern connected Marilena to the importance of processes of nature, ecosystems and evolution. She became aware of the slow speed of change, how important the details can be and how much there is still to find out about the systems that are vital to us. That is why it is even more important to handle them carefully and sustainably.

After a short excursion into departmental bureau culture in Bern, Marilena decided to devote herself entirely to environment and nature education. In this way, she can passionately and enthusiastically pass on her knowledge to interested people in various places so that they can become more sensitized to nature. Direct contact with people is important to Marilena. She also enjoys the challenge of processing complex knowledge into comprehensible statements, a skill she honed during her internship at the Pro Natura centre at Champ-Pittet. In addition to Biovision, she works as an animator and excursion leader, spending one day each month in the forest with a children’s group. She is also involved in the local composting association and a women’s clothing exchange in her neighbourhood in Bern. Marilena enjoys being able to switch off and feel completely in nature when hiking.


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