Dunja Taleb

Public Fundraising

“When I got to know Biovision, I was particularly impressed by how the organization works. For me, knowledge transfer is the only sustainable way out of hunger and poverty. I am proud to be part of Biovision!”

Dunja started her professional life as a bank clerk. After completing an apprenticeship, she worked for ten years at a regional bank in the canton of Lucerne. In her mid-twenties, she embarked on a bachelor’s degree in communication. Her first job thereafter was both exciting and complex: she became a corporate social responsibility manager at a financial institution. Close cooperation with Caritas and Pro Juventute introduced her to non-profit organizational culture. For three more years, she worked as a customer relations manager at Renault, where she learned skills that equip her today as a public fundraiser.

When Dunja became acquainted with Biovision’s work, it was immediately clear to her that it would be the right fit. When she set foot in the office, she felt like she had arrived home. Dunja’s daily work as a public fundraiser at Biovision is diverse: it is about words and numbers in equal measure; it is creative, exact, analytical and coordinative. Other important keywords are teamwork, foresight, timing and efficiency.

A year ago, Dunja would have described her life outside of work differently. She was often on the road or out with friends, travelling or dancing. Life is a little quieter now that she became a first-time mother in September 2020. These days, she loves creative sewing projects and craft evenings as well as afternoon walks with friends.


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