David Fritz

Core area: Communication

«Selling a product through the medium of communication is only fun if you are 100% behind the product – Biovision satisfies that requirement in full!»

Even as a 14-year old, David Fritz knew that he wanted to become a journalist. After studying politics and history in England he trained as a journalist in London with Reuters, the international news agency and then worked for them as a correspondent in Bonn, Frankfurt and Brussels. In 1989 he moved to the foreign news desk of Swiss television and four years later was appointed assistant editor of the science programme MTW.

At the end of the 1990s he returned to London with his wife and two daughters to set up a subsidiary for a private company. Six years later, he returned to Switzerland where he was responsible for international markets and corporate communications for the same company.

Since July 2012 David has been Head of Communications at Biovision: He and his team seek to make the Foundation known to an ever wider audience and to convince them of the validity of its objectives.

David is a news addict and so spends much of his free time reading newspapers and journals. He occasionally finds time for a book or a good film in the cinema. As a physical outlet, he does strength training and jogs and in summer he is often to be found walking in the mountains.


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