Daniel Wermus

Core area: Communication - French-speaking Switzerland

«Africa is both the birthplace of mankind and its future. Despite its current problems and extensive suffering, visitors to Africa cannot help but experience its vibrancy, joy and social attributes. By helping Africans escape poverty and maintain a healthy environment, Biovision is also helping the continent release its innate energy that can then be harnessed to once again help mankind.»

Working as a journalist, Daniel Wermus has visited more than 50 countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia. After graduating from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Daniel worked for the Tribune de Genève before setting up the press agency InfoSud in 1988. The agency holds more than 16,000 articles on global North-South issues and also publicises the challenges facing the planet to members of the Swiss, Belgian and African media. In addition, InfoSud has trained dozens of correspondents from developing countries. In 2006, Daniel founded Media21, a global network of journalists that has organised some 30 workshops at international conferences on climate, human rights, health, conflict, water, food security and the green economy. These workshops have been attended by more than 1000 journalists from all parts of the globe together with officials from international organisations.

His experiences have convinced Daniel that the media are a crucial component of efforts to combat the challenges facing the world. Daniel envisages a coalition between civil society, journalists and other stakeholders that can jointly drive forward discussions and facilitate solutions to neglected problems.

Daniel regards Biovision – he visited many of its projects in the company of African journalists - as an effective facilitator of change. In January 2013, he joined Biovision on a permanent basis and located in Geneva he is responsible for contacts with international organisations on issues such as food security, malaria, the ban on DDT use and changing course in global agriculture. In addition, he plans to raise awareness of Biovision within French‑speaking Switzerland and is responsible for the Foundation’s communications in French.


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