Can Deniz

Project Partnerships

“Having personal exchanges with people committed to philanthropy and effective development cooperation is a privilege. One patron put it perfectly: ‘We are lucky to be able to live in Switzerland. If we manage to share some of our happiness with other people, it will make us truly richer.’”

Can Deniz came to Switzerland in 1987 as the son of political refugees from Turkey. After a commercial apprenticeship, he wanted to find out what holds the world together at its core. The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and his interest in power- and geopolitics led him to study political science at the University of Zurich. Can is familiar with Swiss development cooperation both from a theoretical perspective through four years with the Swiss peace research institute Swisspeace and from a practical one through four years with the social enterprise Nomades Swiss. Several study and project trips to Afghanistan, Ethiopia and Tanzania enriched Can’s theoretically influenced worldview with real, beautiful and sometimes absurd experiences.

“Working with highly motivated and intelligent Biovisionaries is an absolute pleasure! I think it’s wonderful that everyone in the team is committed to international solidarity, charitable added value and handling nature more carefully.


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