Biovision Strategy 2016–2020

Our Vision

A world with enough food for all, produced by healthy people in a healthy environment

Focussing on our key priority of Food security and sustainable agriculture, Biovision is contributing to the implementation of Agenda 2030 both globally and nationally; it takes as its point of reference SDG 2 “Zero Hunger”.

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Why we intervene
One-quarter of those without enough food live in Sub-Saharan Africa.  Some 220 million men, women and children in Africa suffer from malnutrition and malnourishment. In addition, most countries in Africa are dependent upon food imports. Even though every human being has a right to enough food, stable living conditions and an intact environment, this will only become a reality if we think and act in a sustainable way both globally and locally.

Our guiding principles
1. We campaign for ecological regeneration and sustainable development.
2. We promote sustainable lifestyles.
3. We generate enthusiasm for our objectives.
4. Our action is effective.
5. As a learning organisation we promote innovation geared to sustainability.

Our organisational aims

  • We will expand our regional presence and partnerships in Africa.
  • We will act as a “pioneer of change” and link our local projects to our advocacy work.
  • We will expand our specialist knowledge on a continuous basis and so ensure the transfer of knowledge.
  • We will be effective and document the impact of our programmes. In so doing, we will contribute to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • We will remain independent thanks to our solid donor base and diversified funding streams.

Our 3 areas of action

Global and National: Campaign for sustainable policy frameworks
We will play an active role in the development of policy frameworks for sustainable food systems – both globally and nationally. Through dialogue with representatives from science, politics, business and the public, we will make available the expertise gained from our development projects. We will cooperate with selected partners and networks.

Sub-Saharan Africa: Improve the living conditions of small-scale farming families
We will facilitate the practical implementation of agro-ecological research and innovation in Sub-Saharan Africa. Through our holistic approach embracing the “health of humans, animals, plants and the environment together with the dissemination of knowledge (4H+i)”, we will bring about sustainable improvements in the lives of rural populations.

Switzerland: Assume responsibility for implementing Agenda 2030
Using awareness campaigns, lobbying and public outreach work, we will encourage action in Switzerland by politicians, industry and society that is fair, equitable and demonstrates solidarity. We will carry out projects in Switzerland that raise awareness and implement Agenda 2030 – with an emphasis on sustainable food systems and consumer behaviour.

Our cross-cutting themes:

• Gender equality in all projects
• Participation of all relevant stakeholders
• Income generation and value chains

Download Strategy (PDF)