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2017 was a record year for Biovision: We invested more money in projects than ever before – thanks to donations being at an all-time high and stable cooperation with partners. We have already achieved much in East Africa by disseminating knowledge to smallholders and their families, In Switzerland, our interactive mobile exhibition CLEVER is helping to increase the sustainability of consumer behaviour. The way in which our food is produced has a massive impact on the environment – both globally and locally.

Income: The year under review was a record year for Biovision with income from both restricted and unrestricted donations at an all-time high. In addition, we benefited for the first time from our institutional partnership with SDC (value 1 million Swiss francs). Our continued growth cemented further the trust of our loyal donors, who supported us to the tune of 3.1 million Swiss francs. Donations from members increased to just under 1 million Swiss francs. In terms of earmarked funds (3.9 million Swiss francs), we continued to benefit from both existing and new funding partners. In 2017, Biovision received 209,000 Swiss francs
from legacies.

Project expenditures: Implementation of the Biovision Strategy 2016–2020: We continued the process of consolidation, the promotion of innovation and the focus on our three main areas of activity. For Programme Switzerland, the launch of SDSN Switzerland has created a committed network that includes national stakeholders in Switzerland. A further priority has been to raise awareness of the SDGs and in particular  sustainable consumption. This is done through our mobile exhibition CLEVER and public events and debates. Expenditure on Programme Switzerland was 1.9 million Swiss francs.

Deployment and source of funds averaged over five years from 2013-2017:

Deployment of funds 2013–2017

80% Projects
11% Fundraising and Communication
 9% General Administration

Source of funds 2013–2017

35% Individual donors
10% Donor Memberships Contributions
  5% Legacies
31% Companies and Foundations
19% Government agencies

As a ZEWO-certified foundation, Biovision fulfills the accounting regulations for non-profit organisations in Switzerland. Furthermore our financial accounting adheres to the Swiss GAAP FER 21 principles for non-profit organizations and is audited by external auditors.

In its fundraising, Biovision is committed to the ethical guidelines of "Swissfundraising".

Donations to Biovision are tax-deductable in Switzerland, and maybe in other countries depending on tax laws. Biovision has obtained a legal opinion that it is equivalent to a Section 501(c)(3) public charity in the US.