Our Topics

Ways out of disease, hunger and poverty

Biovision Foundation focuses on the processing and dissemination of ecological solutions to pest and disease problems. We promote healthy farming in the long term to overcome hunger and poverty in developing regions. Grassroots projects are supported in key East African countries. Information dissemination is transnational.

Health is the starting point for ‚healthy development’

BioVision works according to the 4-H Strategy:

The methods promoted by BioVision to improve the living situation of people in developing regions enable ‚self-help’ in the following areas: Human Health, Plant Health, Animal Health, Environmental Health.

The basis for human health are an undamaged environment, healthy animals and intact vegetation.

Biovision’s programme content and strategy are oriented according to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with the focus on human, animal, plant and environment health.

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Human Health

Within this sphere Biovision operates malaria projects with an integrated approach. All prevention methods should lead to long-term protection of the people from malaria. more »

Animal Health

BioVision supports implemented projects that combat the tsetse fly- transmitter of deadly sleeping sickness to cattle (Nagana) and humans. more »

Plant Health

BioVision promotes plant health through the use of organic methods of pest control. more »

Environmental Health

Biovision supports the communities dependent on the forest, for example the Kakamega Forest, by creating new sources of income for the local population and to strengthen the health of the environment. more »

Knowledge Dissemination

The lack of practise-oriented information in the fields of agriculture and health is one of the main causes of slow development in many African countries. Through procurement of scientifically founded, locally applicable knowledge, Biovision supports the farmers in East Africa to effectively help themselves. More »

The Biovision project work focusses primarily on the implementation of the following 5 goals