“Be the change...”

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world”. I used this quote from Ghandi at the start of my acceptance speech for the World Food Prize in 1995. It may sound obvious but seemingly it is not so easy to implement in practice.

Hans Rudolf Herren, Foundation President

When we established Biovision 20 years ago and started the first self-help projects to combat hunger and poverty it was clear that we could not offer a solution to all the world’s problems.

However, the things I learned as a student farmer, young scientist, research manager and later as an adviser to policy makers, made me realise that you can achieve a great deal as long as the will to change exists.

Biovision is now active at all levels: We work with farmers in the field, scientists in the laboratory and lead negotiators at global conferences. We are also an advocate of sustainable consumption in Switzerland

We must keep on asking the same question: “Are we doing the right thing and are we doing it right”? Both success and failure provide lessons from which to learn. A successful approach creates prospects for the future and can, if conditions are right, also encourage young people to remain in agriculture and not to move to a city slum. All that takes a long time and an inner conviction that our vision of a world without hunger and poverty is not only possible but absolutely essential.

Porträt eines Mannes
Hans Rudolf Herren, Foundation President