Environmentally friendly ways to fight malaria

To fight malaria in Africa, we need to widen the use of successful, non-polluting methods. Only then can we eliminate permanently the use of the highly poisonous substance DDT. As part of the PAMCA Conference, Biovision organized a symposium on “Alternatives to DDT in malaria control”. Held on 7 October in Nairobi, it was attended by more than 100 delegates from research, business and donor organizations.

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Hope for Africas forests

From 30th September to 3rd October, the World Future Council brought together Parliamentarians from several East African countries, as well as key civil society actors and high level experts on forest policies in Nairobi, Kenya, to discuss some of the best solutions in place to halt and reverse the plight of forests in Africa.

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Focus shifts to agroecology

In mid-September, the FAO hosted a symposium in Rome on agroecology that included presentations on the Biovision projects “Push Pull” and “Changing Course in Agriculture”.

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Award for Muliru Farmers Conservation Group

The Muliru Farmers Conservation Group (MFCG), which is supported by Biovision in Kakamega (Kenya) through its Protecting Biodiversity Project, has been awarded the coveted Kenyan National Environment Trust Fund-Green Innovations Award (Netfund-Gia) for 2014.

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Biovision and SAT in National Geographic

The current issue of National Geographic Magazine (October 2014) looks at „The Next Green Revolution“.

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