Major steps to improve animal health

If goats, sheep, cattle or camels fall sick, their owners suffer too. When faced with this situation, livestock farmers in rural Africa usually have to cope entirely on their own. The project “Camels for drought areas” in Kenya is seeking to improve this.

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TOF warns farmers in Kenya about poor quality feeds

The latest issue of “The Organic Farmer” (TOF) has warned farmers that the poor maize harvest this year, due to prolonged droughts associated with climate change, also affects the production of feed for their animals.

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Pastoralists in Africa under pressure

In the latest printed Biovision newsletter we describe, how camels help the population to become more resistant against droughts. Further stories and background information can be found in newsletter No 46.

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Overshoot Day: Today, we have already consumed more resources than the Earth can renew in a whole year

2nd August – six days earlier than in 2016 – was the day on which humans had already consumed the Earth’s naturally sustainable resources for the entire year. In other words, we are consuming resources much faster than the Earth can regenerate them. For the rest of the year we are living on credit - at the expense of future generations.

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A long route to water

Even idyllic locations are not without their daily problems. The seedlings growing at the Forest School in Mpigi, Uganda need more water but it’s a long way to the nearest source.

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