Organic beats conventional agriculture in the tropics

A long-term study by the Swiss Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) in Kenya has shown clearly that organic agriculture not only generates comparable yields, but also produces more income and health benefits for farmers than conventional methods.

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“We all help each other”

Bundyoko, an island in Buwama Subcounty some 80 kilometres south-west of Kampala, Uganda, is poor with extremely limited medical facilities. The training in traditional medicine is, therefore particularly important for local people and Biovision is supporting the project.

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Biovision Newsletter 40

Our newest publication is here! Success for Tesfaye Ejeta: The man with the kitten defied fate and escaped poverty. The knowledge he needed to do that was acquired from a Biovision project: Push-Pull Tolay.

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Global Nutrition Report 2016: Malnutrition on the increase worldwide

Malnutrition is a growing global problem, a fact confirmed in the “Global Nutrition Report 2016” published recently by the International Food Policy Research Institute. Under the banner “We must move from words to deeds – end hunger by 2030”, the report calls on policymakers worldwide to take action and deliver effective solutions.

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Landgrabbing project stopped by Tanzanian government

The Tanzanian government has stopped a 500-million-dollar project for sugar and energy production in Bagamoyo to protect the environment and allow 1,500 smallholders to remain on their land.

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