Land grabbing to the detriment of local people

In mid-January, experts and activists gathered in Berne to discuss the issue of land grabbing. When agricultural land is acquired by foreign companies and investors, it often ends up being used in non-ecological and non-sustainable ways – often to the detriment of small farmers. Opinions varied when it came to potential solutions.

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"People need to change for a better life"

Profile of the Kenyan agricultural adviser Regina Muthama: Since retiring as a teacher, her vision has been to pass on successful farming practices to others. Now almost 70 years of age and herself a farmer, she recognises the importance of disseminating practically based information.

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Martin Andermatt: From Swiss pioneer to global player

We start the New Year with a profile of a pioneer who shares our vision of a world with enough healthy food and a healthy environment. He began his career in biological pest control with the breeding of codling moth caterpillars in his student flat.

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December Story 2015.4: Kenya

Our final December Story this year is about mangoes, a certain Kenyan mango farmer and Biovision Programme Officer Samuel Ledermann. It is a quest with a happy ending.

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December Story 2015.3: Switzerland – Kenya

From time to time, guests from Africa join us in Switzerland for the annual Biovision Symposium. This year it was the turn of Regina Muthama, an agricultural adviser from Kenya. As well as appearing at the Zürich Volkshaus, Regina experienced snow for the first time ever; this week, our story is about her trip to the Graubünden mountains.

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