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Bees not Roses: The Honey Cavalier
It is quite possible that our Valentine's Day roses were cultivated far away, perhaps in Ethiopia, where greenhouses are proliferating. But despite the growing floriculture industry of cultivated flowers in Ethiopia, one intrepid young man is not using roses to woo his fiancé, but bees. More...

Fertile soils instead of hors-sol as a better solution to hunger
In a lengthy article,"Potassium Fertiliser - Indispensable Plant Nutrient", published in the Swiss newspaper NZZ Executive of January 28, 2017, author Lucien F. Trueb praises hors-sol, or above ground cultivation, to the skies. He claims that agricultural crops do not need soil, an argument that presents only a part of the entire truth to readers. In response, Biovision would like to point to crucial information about the holistic relationship between soil and feeding the world that was not dealt with in the article. More...

Biovision in Advisory Committee for Federal Council
The Swiss committee for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations committee (CNS-FAO) has drafted a paper with ideas and recommendations for steps towards a sustainable agricultural and food system. More...

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