Push-Pull Subsahara-Africa

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Push-Pull is an integrated, environmentally-friendly and sustainable method of cultivation developed by the international insect research institute icipe. Biovision has been supporting and promoting this ecological method for more than 10 years through its extensive Push-Pull Programme - focussing on the dissemination of knowledge in East Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and Tanzania).

As a result of the experienced gained in the programme, other countries have been contacting Biovision andicipe asking for additional information, training and seed availability. This Project is seeking to extend the use of the Push-Pull method beyond East Africa and through strategic partnerships reach the whole of sub-Saharan Africa. Its aim is to achieve long-term improvements in the food security and incomes of cereal and dairy farmers.

Potential for Push-Pull expansion in sub-Saharan Africa, source:


In sub-Saharan Africa, stemborer moths and the striga weed cause major reductions in maize and sorghum yields; economic losses are estimated to be in the order of USD 7 billion per year (Source: The environmentally-friendly Push-Pull method can significantly reduce losses, increase yields and improve soil fertility.


By 2019, farmers in nine countries outside East Africa will be trained in the Push-Pull method and also using it. Apart from the families of the farmers involved, seed producers and dealers will benefit indirectly from the project activities. Other beneficiaries include the veterinary services, local businesses (both non-profit and private companies) and the new partners who will disseminate the knowledge on the Push-Pull method.

Objectives 2016 - 2019

  • Develop strategic partnerships in order to expand the use of the Push-Pull method, starting with the creation of a central contact and coordination point at icipe
  • Ensure sustainable access in the project countries to sufficient, affordable desmodium and brachiaria seeds
  • Disseminate knowledge on Push-Pull using a range of communication tools
  • Monitor and evaluate the project