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The Biovision Foundation contributes to public opinion on its core topics through the preparation of background information, liaising with scientists and environmental advisers in Africa, generating image material and regular work with the media.

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  • Organic beats conventional agriculture in the tropics, Kenya 30.06.2016: A long-term study by the Swiss Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) in Kenya has shown clearly that organic agriculture not only generates comparable yields, but also produces more income and health benefits for farmers than conventional methods. Media Release...
  • Milestone for an environmentally friendly fight against malaria Geneva, 7. Mai 2015 – The Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants agreed on the roadmap initiated by Biovision in 2013 to foster an environmentally friendly fight against insects which pass on malaria and other deadly diseases. Download Media Release (PDF)
  • Globi, the Smart Farmer - An amusing adventure story and entertaining education for both young and old: Zurich, 5 March 2014 - Once again, Globi makes good use of his exceptional communication skills. This time, he learns from nature what’s good for animals, plants and the environment – and so for us humans as well. Armed with this information, he transforms a run-down farm into a small rural paradise. It’s fitting that the new book is published during the UN’s International Year of Family Farming. Biovision has been supporting family farms in East Africa for over 15 years and in this latest project, it has shared its experience of sustainable, organic farming with the publishers Globi Verlag. Download Media Release (PDF)
  • Outbreak Responder – The Game about the Fight against Malaria: Zurich, 4. February 2014 – Outbreak Responder shows in a playful way how to combat malaria in Africa sustainably. Biovision Foundation, which has a number of anti-malaria projects in East Africa to eliminate this deadly disease, is launching this game in Switzerland together with the developers CodeSustainable.  Download Press Release (PDF)
    • Hans Rudolf Herren wins "SwissAward": Zurich, 11. January 2014 –The internationally renowned specialist in biological pest control and president of Biovision Foundation, Hans R. Herren, has won the “SwissAward” in the category society. Download Media Release (PDF)

    Right Livelihood Award ceremony in Stockholm
    Hans Rudolf Herren is awarded for his fight against hunger and poverty

    On 2 December 2013 the Right Livelihood Award (RLA) has been presented to this year’s four laureates at the Swedish parliament in Stockholm. Hans R. Herren, one of the world’s leading experts on sustainable agriculture, wins the Right Livelihood Award for his commitment to end hunger and poverty in our world. The president of Biovision Foundation is the first Swiss to be awarded this prize since its inception in 1980.

    DR. HANS RUDOLF HERREN (SWITZERLAND): “How can we nourish the world in fifty years’ time, given the uncertainties resulting from climate change, growing population and diminishing natural resources? The answer to this question is to change course in global agriculture, that business as usual is not an option and a new paradigm, beyond the green revolution, is needed, and fast. The new paradigm needs to address agriculture’s multifunctionality, and its key role in the three sustainable development dimensions:  environment, society and that order." 

    Download Media Release (PDF)

    Hans Rudolf Herren and Biovision win Right Livelihood Award 

    Stockholm/Zurich, 26 September 2013 – Hans R. Herren, one of the world’s leading experts on sustainable agriculture, wins the Right Livelihood Award for his commitment to end hunger and poverty in our world. The president of Biovision Foundation is the first Swiss to be awarded this prize since its inception in 1980.

    The jury of the prize, also known as the alternative Nobel prize, said the decision to award Herren was based on “his expertise and pioneering work in promoting safe, secure and sustainable global food supply”.

    The World Food Prize laureate of 1995 sees the award as an important endorsement of his vision: A world which can provide all nine billion people expected to live on our planet in 2050 with sufficient healthy food. Hans Herren was awarded the prize jointly with his Biovision Foundation. Download Media Release (PDF) 

    • UN Secretary General praises Biovision project in Africa in report on agriculture: New York / Zurich, 2 October 2013 – UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon’s report on Agricultural technology for development published in New York calls for a shift to sustainable and resilient agriculture and food systems to ensure food and nutrition security and help eradicate poverty while protecting natural resources. More...
    • Stockholm Convention fails to set deadline for worldwide ban on DDT

      Geneva, 3 May 2013 – The Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) could not agree on a date for a worldwide ban on DDT. The persistent poison has been banned in industrialised countries since the 1970s, but is still being used to fight malaria in the developing world. Media Release (PDF)

    • WE CAN WORK WITH THE RIO+20 OUTCOME - Interview with Hans R. Herren.

      Q: The final declaration of the Rio+20 conference has drawn a lot of criticism from the media and from NGOs around the world. It is widely seen as a toothless document that does not really address the world’s problems and allows big business to continue to exploit the planet. Biovision’s media releases from Rio have been much more positive – how come?

      A: Of course it would have been better if the declaration had been more specific with regard to setting goals now, time frames in which they should be achieved and appointing international bodies to oversee and, if necessary, enforce these processes. But the decision to establish an inclusive and transparent intergovernmental process on sustainable development goals by the end of 2013 goes some way in that direction and will help to move us beyond the Millennium Development Goals and guide the Green Economy into a true three dimensional approach involving the environment, society and the economy. This also has relevance for agriculture.

      But it is also true that with regard to the overexploitation of marine and forest ecosystems the declaration reflects an irresponsible and ignorant attitude. However, in the current world economic climate that was never going to happen. No one was prepared to bear more costs or agree to measures that might restrict growth. Interview with Hans Rudolf Herren, Media Release 28 June 2012
    • RIO+20 DECLARATION A MILESTONE FOR SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE. The declaration on a global sustainable development adopted today by Heads of State and governments sees sustainable agriculture and food chains as a key element for the fight against hunger in our world and for keeping our planet habitable for future generations. For Biovision foundation, this is an important milestone for its commitment to ecological agriculture and support for smallholder farming structures. Biovision Media Release, 22 June 2012.


    • UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s vision: Zero Hunger Challenge, Rio de Janeiro, 22 June 2012: "Food and nutrition are among my top priorities. In a world of plenty, no-one -- not a single person -- should go hungry. When I was a child in war-time Korea, many families faced starvation and shortages. Many countries, including my own, took bold steps to end hunger. But almost one billion people still do not have enough to eat. I want to see an end to hunger everywhere, within my lifetime. I invite all of you to join me in working for a future without hunger." Video Ban Ki-moon... / Text PDF