Modern organic shop in Morogoro


A well-equipped organic shop has opened in Morogoro (Tanzania) to supply local people with healthy food.

Biovision‘s partner in Tanzania, Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania (SAT) already had an organic shop in Morogoro but it lacked several things to make it attractive. The SAT shop now has a cold store where it can keep vegetables and a preparation room for washing and packaging produce. It has also increased its product range.

Shopping has been made easier for customers; they are now offered woven baskets in various sizes in which to place their shopping and take to the cash till. The shop also has a new image. Painted in fresh colours and under the motto “We love organic”, the shop now presents a new stylish design.

The business model is based exclusively on organic products. The carrots, salads and dried fruits are grown and produced by smallholders from Morogoro. The majority of producers trained by SAT in agro-ecological agriculture come from the Uluguru Mountains. A total of 12 groups trained by SAT and comprising 300 smallholders now meet the East African Organic Product Standard (EAOPS). SAT supports them through the organic certification process using the Participatory Guarantee System (PGS).

In addition to providing healthy produce that has not been treated with chemicals, the farmers involved have discovered that that the health of many group members has improved. They have also observed a reduction in local environmental pollution from the use/misuse of agro-chemicals such as fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides. The training provided by SAT to famers is based on a holistic approach and provides not only ecological but also social and economic stimuli. The SAT Organic Shop is an example of an innovative concept for sustainable improvements to smallholder structures in Tanzania.

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