Interesting facts about mangoes


The latest edition of the farmer magazine “The Organic Farmer” has two interesting articles on an important tropical fruit: the mango.

The article “Eating mangoes regularly has many health benefits” describes the positive effects of the fruit on our physical health. For example, it reduces blood pressure and improves the health of bones and eyes.

The second article is targeted at small-scale farmers in East Africa and deals with the challenges and opportunities facing mango farmers; in particular, they have problems in marketing their produce. A variety of reasons such as the lack of relevant data on current market prices and contact with wholesales and exporters often mean that the price obtained by farmers is poor. Collective marketing and the supply of relevant information have helped many small-scale farming families boost their sales and earn a profit.

For more information see TOF, March 2017 (English)…

For more information on the Biovision Project “Fruit Fly Control: Better mango yields thanks to integrated pest management in Kenya and Ethiopia”