EU says yes to a poisonous chemical in agriculture


The EU has approved the weed killer glyphosate for a further five years. Various studies have identified the poisonous product from the US giant Monsanto as a carcinogen. 

In 2015, a study by the World Health Organisation (WHO) linked glyphosate to cancer – Biovision reported at the time. However, glyphosate also harms biodiversity, poisons soils and water and so is damaging not just to human health but to the future of the planet as well.  

The EU decision contradicts the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and is clearly influenced by short-term gains for multi-nationals. This is despite the fact that Monsanto lobbyists have been denied access to the European Parliament since October 2017 following the company’s refusal to attend a hearing to answer allegations that it had sought to influence the studies on glyphosate.

The Monsanto Tribunal in October 2016 showed very clearly that Monsanto has disregarded the rights of humans to a healthy environment, healthy food and to health – Biovision reported at the time.

“Healthy food for all – naturally” is one of the guiding principles of Biovision. We are calling for a change in the course of global agriculture; a transition to agro-ecological methods. Of course this would mean lower profits for large corporations than now; in contrast fewer people would suffer from hunger – today 820 million people go hungry.