European Parliament bans Monsanto lobbyists


Monsanto lobbyists will no longer have access to the European Parliament because of the company’s refusal to attend a parliamentary hearing into allegations of regulatory interference.

It is the first time that the European Parliament has used these new rules and it means that Monsanto representatives will no longer have access to the Parliament or be able to attend meetings of the various committees.

The hearing in question is scheduled for the 11 October and will consider allegations that the company influenced regulatory studies into glyphosate (a poisonous ingredient in the RoundUp weed killer).

Later this year, the European Parliament will decide whether to renew the license for glyphosate in the EU. A study by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in 2015 linked glyphosate to cancer – see Biovision report. It now looks unlikely that Monsanto’s license will be renewed.

In October 2016, the Monsanto Tribunal demonstrated very clearly that the company had breached the human right to a healthy environment, food and health. See Biovision report.

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