Biovision identifies “Beacons of Hope” in the transition to sustainable food and agriculture systems


Biovision Foundation for Ecological Development was the successful respondent to a request by The Global Alliance for the Future of Food for proposals to lead a new study called “Beacons of Hope,” the aim of which is to demonstrate the positive benefits of transitioning towards sustainable food systems.

The Beacons of Hope initiative will undertake a comprehensive review of research on sustainable food systems transitions, and develop a framework that documents the key characteristics, impacts, and pathways of these transition processes, applying the framework to a select number of cases to deeply understand the context in which transitions are unfolding.

“What we hope is that this framework will be used by businesses, funders, advocates and policy makers to help make the case for sustainable food systems, and provide a tool for transitioning to sustainable food systems across scales, contexts and regions” said Ruth Richardson, Global Alliance Executive Director.

As a not-for-profit that has been promoting and supporting the use of sustainable ecological solutions to alleviate poverty and improve food security since 1998, Biovision brings to the project its expertise in agroecological practice, know-how on policy for sustainable food systems, and skill in research, analysis and advocacy for global systems transformation.

“As we operationalize the new paradigm of sustainable, diversified food systems, it is timely to carry out a broad scoping of the landscape around current approaches to building such systems,” points out Biovision CEO, Andreas Schriber. “Networks and initiatives that have implemented transitions hold many useful lessons for the global community, this project will shine a light on these good practices and facilitate a shift towards more renewable, resilient, diverse, equitable, healthy, and interconnected food systems.”

The final report is expected to be released in 2018. There will be various milestones where key stakeholders will be invited to engage and provide feedback to the initiative.

For more information contact Fabio Leippert, Project Manager: f.leippertbiovisionch