Inspire others and leave your mark

Our prosperity, longer life expectancy and safety in our society are factors moving more and more people to bequeath or donate their assets, or a part thereof, to non-profit organisations so that they can have a positive effect on the world even after they have passed on. With these means, institutions such as Biovision can offer help for self-help to people in need and realise long-term goals.

It seldom occurs to people to consider their wills when they are in the prime of life, but there are good reasons to settle your estate unhurriedly and with a clear head:


  • You can achieve timely clarity, thereby preventing misunderstandings and disputes.

  • You can make independent decisions regarding your assets, and avoid them being passed automatically to the state.

  • You save on inheritance and gift tax, as institutions like Biovision are tax-exempt.
  • You have the assurance that your bequest will achieve a sustainable effect, because Biovision’s projects are founded precisely on this principle.


It makes sense to make a will even when your estate is not very large. Small bequests – when utilised correctly – have great impact.

Biovision provides a clear and detailed guide which is very helpful in the decision-making process and composition of a will. You can order the documents from Biovision.