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Prof. Hilal Elver

UN Special Rapporteur on the right to food

“In my work to promote the human right to food for all, I count on contributions from organizations such as Biovision. Through its work on the ground, Biovision takes seriously the concerns of local communities in Africa, and give them a voice in political processes, as well as disseminating the sustainable agricultural practices. Biovision’s work is much needed especially in times of hardship.” (2016)

Renate Schnyder

CEO of Laguna Foundation

“The Laguna Foundation provides support to those in poverty and so allow them to use their own strengths to bring about sustainable improvements to their lives. For this knowledge is crucial. With its Farmer Communication Programme, Biovision offers small-scale farmers an opportunity to acquire knowledge and use what they have learned in a pragmatic way and in accord with the opportunities available to them. We believe that the Programme, with its broad range of online and offline platforms, all carefully coordinated, is effective as it allows those with limited schooling to implement complex content in practice.” (2016)

Noah Adamtey

Senior Research Scientist and Project Coordinator, Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) Switzerland

“The first results from the long term systems comparison in Kenya show that organic farming can increase crop productivity, improve soil fertility, conserve soil resources and raise incomes of farmers.”  (2016)

Dr Maam Suwadu Sakho-Jimbira

Senior Advisor, member of the executive management of the Policy Think-Tank IPAR (Initiative Prospective Agricole Rurale) in Dakar

“The T21 tool supports the integrated vision of CCGA (Changing Cource in Global Agriculture) as it facilitates the production of robust plans for the sustainable development of our agriculture.”  (2016)

Markéta Bregenzer

Deputy Service Leader Waste and Environment for the Municipality of Uster 

“Food consumption has a major impact on the environment: It is responsible for almost 30 % of environmental pollution in Switzerland, meaning that a switch to a sustainable diet has a positive impact on the environment. The CLEVER exhibition in Uster attracted many visitors and showed them what to bear in mind when shopping.”  (2016)

Dr Manuel Sager

Director General of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and Ambassador

«Switzerland is committed to global economic development that adequately reflects the need to protect natural resources. It does this in order to express our solidarity with the international community and in the interests of our own credibility as a reliable partner in the implementation of Agenda 2030. For the Sustainable Development Goals to be met, we will need to work closely with organisations from civil society. A good example of this is the partnership between SDC and Biovision.» (2015)

Michael Gerber

Special envoy for global sustainable development at SDC

«As a result of its commitment and constructive work during the negotiations for Agenda 2030, Biovision won over many stakeholders in both civil society and governments to important elements of sustainable agriculture and food security. In so doing, Biovision was instrumental in ensuring that the goals in Agenda 2030 were ambitious, in particular SDG 2.» (2015)

Dr Segenet Kelemu

Director General and CEO of the International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology icipe in Nairobi, Kenya

«The long-standing partnership between Biovision Foundation and icipe has been beneficial to both our organisations over many years and one we truly value. Our common aims and values to improve health and food security for all are based on the same holistic approach: utmost consider-ation is given to the health of humans, animals, plants and the environment (4H) in all our projects. It was, therefore a great pleasure for me to be able to acknowledge Biovision's commitment to our shared goals in awarding the Foundation with the "Outstanding Partner of the Year 2014" award during my first full year as Director General at icipe. I look forward to the continuation of our close relationship over the years to come and I am optimistic that we can make a real difference in our fight against hunger and poverty.» (2014)

Prof. Judi W. Wakhungu

Kenyan Cabinet Secretary for Environment, Water and Natural Resources

«The innovative approach of Biovision Foundation, promoting the use of ecological cultivation through knowledge transfer and communication between farmers and scientists, is trend-setting. The dissemination of environment-friendly, sustainable agriculture must be intensified in Africa and across the globe. Biovision Foundation is making an important contribution to food security and the preservation of our natural resources.» (2013)

Ban Ki-Moon

UN Secretary General

«The <Farmer Communication Programme> in East Africa supports national extension services in order for small-scale farmers to receive the benefits of sustainable technologies.» (2013)

Maya Graf

National Councillor and former President of National Council in Switzerland

«Today Biovision leads 32 projects in five countries that help people help themselves [...] A remarkable journey for a swiss NGO that started with a minimal budget (prize money of the World Food Prize) and a lot of volunteer work.» (excerpts from her speech on the occasion of the 15th anniversary event of Biovision in 2013)

Martin Dahinden

Former Director of SDC and current Swiss Ambassador in the US

«The field in which the Biovision Foundation operates is of increasing importance for the SDC (Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation). We have the common goal of a sustainable agriculture that is considerate in its use of genetic and other resources and improves food security. Initiatives to provide education and advice on seeds, technology, storage, processing and marketing can help rural populations in the Third World earn an adequate living. In Biovision, we have an ideal partner.» (2012)

Janet Maro

Agronomist and President of the NGO Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania (SAT)

«The Infonet internet platform and the Biovision magazine <The Organic Farmer> are important sources of information when I am giving advice to farmers. It contains excellent background articles and information that is ready to use.» (2012)

Simone Niggli-Luder

23-time orienteering world champion and Biovision Ambassador

«My parents taught me how to read maps at an early age and using this knowledge, I can still find my way around in unfamiliar territory. Farmers in Africa also need knowledge to cope with nature's daily challenges. I am pleased to support the Biovision education projects.» (2012)

Nadine Felix

CEO Mercator Foundation

«One of the major challenges facing society is how to feed a growing global population in a way that does not harm the environment and is also healthy and just. Biovision is rising to this challenge with considerable energy, professionalism and experience. Our Foundation values highly the cooperation with a well-connected player that has a national and international reputation.» (2015)

Peter Ritter

CEO Liechtenstein Development Service (LED)

«LED supports the development of the Infonet Internet platform and the Organic Farmer Radio since 2005 as we firmly believe that access to information is crucial to the success of small farmers in East Africa. Many small farmers in East Africa are familiar with the extensive communication network established by Biovision. They value and use it.» (2012)

Charles, Prince of Wales

(cultivates the fields of his country residence in Gloucestershire, England, according to organic principles)

In his speech "The Future of Food", given at Georgetown University in 2011, Prince Charles mentions the IAASTD report and the work of Hans Rudolf Herren.
watch the video (27:00 - 28:30 min)

Dr. Getachew Tikubet

Founder and CEO BioEconomy Africa (BEA), Ethiopia

«Only few organisations are committed to a holistic development approach, such as Biovision's. BioEconomy Africa is collaborating with Biovision because we share the same goals for integrated development: to reduce poverty, improve livelihoods and restore the environment.» (2010)

Sol Gabetta

Cellist and Biovision ambassador for the charity concert

«I support Biovision out of personal conviction that children in Africa – and around the world – have a right to health, enough food and a healthy environment. I wholeheartedly hope that with my commitment I can encourage other people to show solidarity as well.» (2010)

Georges Martin (left)

Former Swiss Ambassador in Kenya, now Deputy State Secretary of FDFA

«I am a fan of Biovision. The projects and initiatives that Biovision is implementing here in East Africa strengthen local structures and help to bring Africa into the 21st Century, making sure it is not left behind by the rest of the world.» (2010)

Sandra Studer

TV presenter and singer

«To appreciate nature also means to ensure that all people on this planet can lead a dignified life. I support Biovision from all my heart because help to provide self-help gives thousands of people in Africa trust in their own power and faith in a better future.» (2010)

Emil and Niccel Steinberger

Artist, gelotologist and author's couple

«If we see the gigantic continent Africa on the map, every relief operation is only as big as a pin. This should not discourage us. Instead we should rather think of a jigsaw puzzle: small parts interlock and suddenly it becomes a whole. Biovision's work demonstrates that to us.» (2010)

Onesmo K. ole-MoiYoi

Former chairman of Kenyatta University and current chairman of KARI (Kenya Agricultural Research Institute)

«The Infonet project of Biovision is one of the most innovative methods using new communicational technologies. This platform effectively mediates scientifically proven information and thus helps to improve the living situation of many people, especially in the rural areas.» (2010)

Moritz Leuenberger

Former Federal Councillor

«Everyone has the right to adequate food and a healthy environment. Switzerland engages actively on an international level for this human right. I therefore support Biovision in their pioneering work in Africa. When I was President of the Swiss Confederation I could convince myself on how helpful the magazine <The Organic Farmer> was for the farmers in Kenya.» (2009)

Dr. Anisa Omar

Medical Director of Public health and Sanitation in Kilifi County, Kenya

«Since the Biovision project was introduced there have been much less mosquitos. Today Malaria is only the third most frequently occuring sickness, after AIDS and tuberculosis.» (2009)

Micheline Calmy-Rey

Former Federal councillor

«The progress in the Biovision malaria projects is amazing. This important contribution improves the health and living situation in the affected countries.» (2005)

Jimmy Carter

Former US president

«I am convinced that we could reduce the hunger in this world considerably if more researchers would use their knowledge like Hans Rudolf Herren does.» (1995)

Bill Clinton

Former US president

On the occasion of the World Food Prize Bill Clinton congratulates Hans Rudolf Herren (right) on his sustained efforts for a world without hunger and poverty. (1995)