Foundation board

Dr. Hans Rudolf Herren

Foundation President

Dr. Herren is one of the leading scientists worldwide in biological pest control. He has lived and researched in Africa for over 25 years. From 1994 to 2005 he headed the international institute for insect research icipe in Nairobi, Kenya. icipe plays a central role in combating pests, parasites and diseases in developing countries.

Dr. Herren has been awarded many accolades for his research for the welfare of humanity. In 1995 Dr. Herren was the first Swiss to receive the World Food Prize.

In 2013, Hans Rudolf Herren and his Biovision Foundation won the Right Livelihood Award, also known as the Alternative Nobel Prize. more »

Dr. Barbara Frei Haller

Pharmacist and ethno-botanist, Ardez

Barbara Frei Haller has a doctorate in pharmacy and lectures in ethnopharmacy at ETH Zurich. Her particular interest in both her research and teaching is the interaction between humans and plants within different cultures. She has carried out research in Southern Mexico into medicinal plants and based at icipe in East Africa she investigated the prevention of malaria using local plants.  Since 2000, she has acted as consultant to the hospital pharmacy at the Ospidal Val Müstair in Santa Maria and also works part time as a dispensing chemist in public pharmacies. She first came into contact with Biovision following a Swiss TV programme on her research at icipe and has been a trustee since 2001.

Mathis Zimmermann

Lawyer, Zürich

Mathis Zimmermann has been a partner in the law firm of Steinbrüchel Hüssy since 1995. He specialises primarily in corporate and contract law, trust and association law, property including landlord and tenant law, inheritance law and estate planning and employment law. Mathis Zimmermann, together with Hans Rudolf Herren, Jürg Weber and Andreas Schriber was a founding member of the Biovision Foundation and has been a trustee since its inception.

Prof. Dr. Ruedi Baumgartner

Prof. eremitus for development co-operation ETH Zürich

Until 2008, Ruedi Baumgartner was Co-Director of NADEL, the Centre for Development and Cooperation at ETH Zurich with responsibility for continuing education programmes in development and cooperation. His teaching activities covered programme strategies for North-South cooperation and their operational implementation and evaluation in different cultural, social and economic contexts. He also undertook consultancy and training assignments in the field of bilateral development cooperation.

Ruedi Baumgartner has been a trustee of the Biovision Foundation since 2005.

Paula Daeppen-Dion

UN NGO representative, Zürich

Although born in the United States, Daeppen-Dion has lived in Switzerland for more than 30 years. In addition to her work in dental and public health, she devotes her time to not-for-profit organizations and fundraising with a particular focus on women’s issues. She is a member and former president of the American Women's Club Zurich (AWCZ) and also an active member of FAWCO, the Federation of American Women’s Clubs Overseas. Whilst NGO Director at FAWCO she built up contacts with the United Nations and as an NGO representative is involved inter alia with the UN-NGO Committee on Human Rights and the UN-NGO Committee on the Status of Women. As an active international networker, she promotes and pursues the mission and aims of Biovision in the areas of fundraising and public relations.  She has been a trustee since 2010.

Martin Fässler
Former Chief of Staff and member of the directorate of the SDC

Martin Fässler was Chief of Staff of the SDC (The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation) until October 2013 and acted for another year as an advisor for strategic questions. After various jobs in social programmes in Switzerland, he has been working in development and cooperation since 1990 and has gained experience in various African countries.

2015 and 2016 he supported Biovision Foundation in developing its new strategy up to 2020. Since early 2016 he is a member of the Board of the Biovision Foundation.