Annual Report 2015: We were able to make a significant difference in our over 30 projects in East Africa, which focus on strengthening skills that foster independence and self-sufficiency. At the same time, we could help people make a substantial improvement in their living conditions. Thanks to successful business development our growth spurt of recent years has continued, enabling us to invest 6.75 million Swiss francs in project work. We have succeeded in putting Biovision on a solid financial footing and positioning ourselves in the Swiss setting.

Income: Biovision is pleased to close the calendar year 2015 with a record amount of revenues, 8.4 million Swiss francs. We have our donors to thank for this gratifying result, and for their support and loyalty – proof of thehuge trust they have once again placed in us. We also received an increase of 0.7 million Swiss francs in earmarked donations, which are often bound by multi-year project agree-ments. In addition, major donors contributed to project-related Biovision funds. Finally, membership fees rose, putting us on solid financial footing.Due to this generous and broad-based sup-port, Biovision was able to successfully carry out very ambitious project planning in the previous fiscal year.

Project expenditures: The continued expan-sion of our project activities also recorded sustained growth over the past year, and project implementation advanced success-fully in all areas. Our network of partners and target-related partner organisations was further strengthened and consolidated, both at home and abroad. In 2015, we were able to invest 6.75 million Swiss francs in projects and programmes.

Deployment and source of funds averaged over five years from 2011-2015:

Deployment of funds 2011–2015

80% Projects
10% Fundraising and Communication
10% General Administration

Source of funds 2011–2015

35% Individual donors
9% Donor Memberships Contributions
12% Legacies
26% Companies
and Foundations
18% Government agencies

As a ZEWO-certified foundation, Biovision fulfills the accounting regulations for non-profit organisations in Switzerland. Furthermore our financial accounting adheres to the Swiss GAAP FER 21 principles for non-profit organizations and is audited by external auditors.

In its fundraising, Biovision is committed to the ethical guidelines of "Swissfundraising".

Donations to Biovision are tax-deductable in Switzerland, and maybe in other countries depending on tax laws. Biovision has obtained a legal opinion that it is equivalent to a Section 501(c)(3) public charity in the US.